Dukan method secrets

Dukan plan is an amazing weight loss success plan, it has become in recent years a landmark of regime world. A clear agenda, a list of authorized foods, results from the first day and a sustainable solution to weight problems. It promises fast weight loss – like juice diet recipes – that could help people lose weight in a relatively short time.
The plan includes four phases. The final phase is designed to help dieters to develop healthy eating habits.

What is the Dukan diet ?

It is a diet that win popularity around the world in 2010, with its promise to help people lose up to a pound per day. It is designed by nutritionist and dietician Dr. Pierre Dukan.

Allowed Foods:

> Lean beef, veal or rabbit (mince under 10%, avoid ribs).
> Chicken and turkey (except skin and outside part of the wings).
> Ham (low fat and lean).
> Beef, veal, or chicken liver.
> Any fish (except canned in oil or sauce).
> Shellfish and crustaceans.
> Eggs (up to two per day, unlimited egg whites but watch the yolks if you have high cholesterol).
> Dairy products (low fat, below 2% fat).
> Sweeteners (except fructose based). vinegar, mustard, spices, herbs, garlic, onion (as spice), lemon juice (only as spice, not for drinking). sugar, free natural ketchup (in moderation), sugar free chewing gum.

Dukan plan is one of the best way to lose weight Fast, It is important – like in fast juice diet case – to remember to stick to the recommended duration of your dieting because it is not good to continuously detoxify your body.

Dukan Diet steps

+ Attack phase
Dukan diet begins by attack phase. It takes 5-10 days depending on your current weight and your progress. The main purpose of this step is to introduce good eating habits. Through this phase your body will adapt to the new diet and lose weight at a steady pace.
+ Cruise phase
Once you have finished the attack phase, the next goal will be achieving your preferred weight. This is done during the cruise phase – alternating rhythm of pure protein and vegetable protein .
+ Consolidation Phase
So ! You have completed the second phase of the Dukan diet ( the cruise phase ) and you have reached your true weight ! This step will teach you to reboot on your relationship with food… Eating with intention and attention.
This is the time when all your hard work has given the result. You have reached your true weight, but you are under a huge risk of “yo-yo” effect if you do not be careful. The advantage is that you can now add many tasty products that have been banned in the cruise phase. because you need to lose weight just to maintain your current weight.
+ Stabilization phase
You have reached your true weight – you successfully lose weight and keep it off. And even if the risk of weight regain are behind you, there is always a risk that your mind betrayed you, and you suggest that since you have lost weight, you can now go back to eating as before. Following a diet and exercise program is a real solution for people who want to lose weight and keep it off.

Best dukan diet

Dukan Diet advantages

The advantages of the Dukan diet are:

+ A clear framework well described in the book “I’m not losing weight”.
+ Loss of weight very fast and motivating.
+ No hunger.
+ A list of foods allowed relatively large.
+ A book of practical and delicious juicing recipes.
+ A lasting solution to stabilize its weight.

Dukan Diet disadvantages

The disadvantages of the Dukan diet are of different types:

+ The first difficult phase in terms of taste.
+ The massive intake of protein can overload the kidney. It is therefore recommended that before you begin, make kidney sheet (via a blood test) and talk about your intention to follow this diet with your doctor.
+ Salt intake of Dukan diet are high.

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