Your personality influences your weight. Therefore, to control impulses that hurt you and they can make you fat .. you should know yourself. we will help you!
In addition to your family’s eating habits (which is learned in childhood), your personality traits and tastes make about food and, sometimes, that can prevent healthy eating and controlled, which is essential to maintain a proper weight.

In a recent American study has found that certain areas of the brain that control emotions and stress influence appetite and, therefore, some personalities are more likely to run amok what they eat and get fat. Does this mean you will not be able to do anything to change your habits and improve your diet? Sure you can! To do this effectively you must, first, know well your personality and second, decide seriously to take control and counter these traits that propel you toward nutritionally negative habits.
These are some of the rules that you can use use when you feel a negative thought coming along :

1- Don’t be difficult with food.
2- Stop comparing!
3- Enjoy your food
4- Practice positive affirmations
5- Have gratitude for your food!
6- Make Peace with Food and Practice Mindful
7- Stay Focused to Stay Slim

The relationship that we have with food can sometimes be complicated. Eating three meals daily can be one of the most intimate conversations that we have with ourselves.