Amazing Health Benefits of Fresh Juice

health-benefits-of-fresh-juiceThere many health benefits of fresh juice because they contain many nutrients.

When fruits and vegetables are processed into juice, the liquid is separated from the fiber and yields a concentrated flavors, a protective component and minerals that all become “easier to assimilate to the status liquid, even if the food is raw.” So says Vesanto Melina, a registered dietitian in Vancouver and co-author of Becoming Raw Food Guide.

The key is the fresh juice. Take a refreshment or do it at home and enjoy its flavor and its nutritional benefits, drink it 15 to 60 minutes after you did it. Use a variety of juices: fruit juice, vegetables, greens and herbs like parsley or ginger.

Health Benefits of Fresh Juice:

For twenty years, real madness has gripped the organic movement in the United States but, curiously, it has not really crossed the ocean: the folly of “juicing”.

The “juicing” comes from the word “juice”, Juice, and simply it is to make home fresh juice from raw vegetables and fruits, consumed daily, even several times per day for persons seeking to achieve a particular effect on their health.

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Health Benefits of Fresh Lemon Juice:

Lemon has fabulous virtues for our body, it balances the PH and allows your skin to stay clear and bright. It gives a boost to your digestive system, helps to lose weight and reduce the consumption of coffee.

It is also a natural energy source, because it hydrates and detoxifies the body. Lemon is good for your body and your mind, here are some its Health Benefits:
amazing juice health benefits
Lemon juice promote weight loss: One of the major and best health benefits of lemon with water is that it helps you lose weight fast. Taking lemon juice with warm water and honey will help you lose those extra pounds.

Lemon For skin care: It is great for skin care! As natural antiseptic, it can participate in curing skin problems. Rich in vitamin C, it enhances your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within and thus bringing a glow on the face. Daily consumption of lemon water can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Amazing Benefits of Fresh Carrot Juice:

The better balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals. Recommended for consolidation and maintenance of bone structure of the teeth. Agent against infections, carrot juice also possess the virtue of protecting the nervous system, stimulate vigor and vitality and cure skin problems and eye disorders.

The carrot is strongly recommended during pregnancy for its richness in carotenoids. On the other hand, carrot juice helps maintain good vision and reduce the prevalence of various forms of cataracts.

Studies have also shown that consumption of carrot reduces the risk of cystic fibrosis. All the health benefits of fresh juice have not yet been identified, but what is certain is that the consumption of juice has no adverse effect on health.

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Teen diet

Teen dietThe most common reason that people cite for teen diet today is weight loss. While most of us are doing so for vanity. We have the highest teenage and childhood obesity rates today than at any other point in the world’s long history. Much of the blame for this is on the fast food, low energy society that we have become.

Far too often we feel that it is safer to keep our children inside our homes, rather than out and about in the great outdoors. The things we are doing for the protection of our children, are actually detrimental to the health of our children.

Teen Diet: the Healthy Way

There are things however that are being done to address the problem and get our children more involved, more active, and better educated about making the proper choices about diet, nutrition, fitness, and overall health. The problem for most teens is getting them off the computer, phone, or away from the television long enough to get active.

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Get Outside and Get Active

Teens learn by example and whether they care to admit it or not, they typically enjoy doing things as part of the family. Go rock wall climbing or mountain climbing. Go bike riding as a family. Camp in the great out doors and go hiking, boating, or biking yet again.

Best teen dietLearn a new sport together. It’s amazing how much fun you can have learning how scuba dive and while you are at it, neither of you will be consuming empty calories. Even if the sport you take up together doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity it is quite likely more active than sitting in front of the television.

Lawn work is another way to get out and get active with your teen. The key, as always, is in your teen burning more calories than he or she consumers. It is often easier said than done but it is quite possible if you work to get them out and about.

Find things however that will be interesting to your teen and focus on those rather than torturing them with activities that hold no interest at all (well maybe not the yard work). At any rate, filling their time with activities is also allowing time that they aren’t consuming calories as well and that is something worth considering.

Teen Diet By Hilary Buff

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Detox juice diet

Detox juice diet
When it comes to dieting, you will find all kinds of crazy and faddish juice diet recipes and weight loss tips on the market today. As with most things in life, setting goals is very important when dieting.

If you would like a few tips that should make your weight loss goals a little easier to achieve, then perhaps the following recipe will help you out.
A cure detox juice diet can really cleanse your body and provide extra energy by eliminating toxins? This is what you are about to find out. Ideally. To start a detox diet: Choose a weekend where you can let go, take a nap and release tension. The body needs serenity and energy to detoxify.

Detox juice diet

The concept of detox is however not new. It appears with the theory of hygienism in the nineteenth century. The accumulation of toxins in the body was the main cause of many diseases.
The principle of juice treatment (juice diet recipes) is simple. This is about drinking, throughout the day, freshly squeezed juices, for a shorter or longer period (days to weeks).
In practice, things become more complicated, since it is necessary to acquire a juicer (not a centrifuge) to extract the juice. Ten pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, are required for a single day of treatment.

Start you green juice detox now!

juice diet recipes
The most common reason that people cite for dieting today, is weight loss. While most of us would love to claim the noble mantle of dieting for health, the vast majority of us are doing so for vanity.

Many of you ask me how this “green” detox juice diet wonders ! First, you have to know that this juice can have several colors, depending on the used ingredients! You can indeed mix, with green vegetables, other vegetables like carrots and even fruits – apple diet ! The detox effect will be more effective and more palatable. To make your own “green” detox juice, you need a device to extract all the juice ! A juicer or a mixer! With the mixer , you will have pieces ! An advice, pass the juice through a strainer!

What ingredients does the green detox juice diet use?

Cucumber, kale, carrot, celery, radish, beetroot, spinach, Cayenne pepper, ginger and a few key fruits can be included in juices as well as more unusual ingredients like potato, avocado, onion and dandelion.

Here are my two recipes now!

+ Radish juice / carrot.
+ 1/2 bunch of radish tops.
+ 1 apple or pear.
+ One half lemon.
+ 2 carrots.
+ a little grated ginger.
+ Juice 100% green!
+ 3 stalks celery.
+ 1 cucumber.
+ 1 apple.
+ 4 spinach.
+ parsley to branch.

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Weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivationMotivation is the driving force that gives you the willpower to accomplish a particular task. When you decide to lose weight, you are often full of energy and motivation, we say that this time is correct, we do not succumb to sweets, and this and that…But this is wrong! Often it does not work because the motivation leaves us pretty quickly over days.
It is the experience that I did when I wanted to start to lose weight, I have tried several diets, and it was always the same refrain. You are able to slim down and stay that way, too, if you will only get some weight loss motivation and a positive attitude.

When I started I was super excited. I thought I had finally found the solution, but I found myself seven days later on my couch with hands in a packet of biscuits! Changing your lifestyle is a necessary part of the equation for weight loss. Here are some tips to keep your motivation at the top!

How to find weight loss motivation!

Surround yourself by thin people:

No! I do not mean that you should avoid friends who are not thin… But NEJM study showed that the body type of people that you train with, affect positively or negatively your weight loss process.

When you are in your sports club, start hanging out with thin people, and your subconscious will take a new model for what is “normal.” When I started my water aerobics classes, I began to socialize with fairly thin people, which allowed me to maintain my weight loss motivation.

Be fair to yourself!

When I decided to lose weight, I said to myself: “Now you are going to be very careful about what you eat, you will exercising, eating a balanced diet” The problem is that I was not honest with myself, and talking with my friends, we realized that we were all the same. We set targets too high, restrictions too hard, and suddenly we lost the thread of our diet a few days after it began.

This is the error that you should not commit, you must try to eat sensibly most of the time but not all the time…Your attitude is a powerful part of weight loss motivation, because if you don’t believe you can get rid of those extra pounds and, more importantly, keep them off, you have very little chance for success.

Weight loss is not a cure!

Of course, be healthier, fitter have a positive and perhaps unexpected impact. However, even as a thinner person, you still have a bad day at the office, moments of self-doubt, or moments where you feel undervalued. Many people feel abandoned when they become thinner, and then they discover that thinness does not solve all problems at once. And often, they will then find a poor diet. Do not fall into this trap!
You have many different needs that must be met in life. Be slimmer, healthier and fitter is just one of them.

juice diet recipes

Weight loss motivation tips

If we started badly from the start, we quickly lose the motivation to lose weight. It is therefore not necessary to impose too severe diet restrictions, you must make sure to have a healthy diet to keep you there. When you are in sport, surround yourself with thin people, it will push you unconsciously continue your path to weight loss.

Do not drop after a small gap, this happens to everyone, you just continue you path in which you started. It is not because you have managed to lose 2 or 3 pounds that you have won the battle, you must maintain your weight loss motivation to keep your weight.

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Glycemic-Index Diet

Glycemic-Index Diet

The glycemic index measures the ability of a given rise in blood sugar after a meal compared to a reference standard that is pure carbohydrate glucose.

Blood glucose is the amount of “sugar” (actually glucose) in the blood. When one is fasting blood sugar is approximately 1 g of glucose per liter of blood.But if you eat a carbohydrate, it turns into glucose during digestion, which results in an increase in blood sugar.

What is the value of the glycemic index (GI)?

IG indicates the potential of glycemic carbohydrate, and therefore its ability to induce insulin secretion report. We know that more insulin response is high, and the risk of weight gain is important.

How does low GI help?

A low GI diet assists you in reaching and maintaining your goal weight by helping you overcome hunger, lose weight and maintain your metabolic rate.
It’s all about balance and making the right choices.

  • + Step 1: Swap high GI foods for low GI foods.Not sure which foods are high or low? Use our diabetes diet and look out for the most suitable diet for you.
  • + Step 2: Eat at least one serving of a low GI carbohydrate food at each meal, and choose low GI snacks.
  • + Step 3: Keep your eye on serving sizes. Eating too much food, even if it’s a healthy choice, isn’t good for you.

How does the Glycemic-Index Diet work?

foods ranked by the glycemic index are given scores:

  • + High: 70 and up. Examples include instant white rice, brown rice, plain white bread, white skinless baked potato, boiled red potatoes with skin and watermelon.
  • + Medium: 56 to 69. Examples include sweet corn, bananas, raw pineapple, raisins and certain types of ice cream.
  • + Low: 55 and under. Examples include raw carrots, peanuts, raw apple, grapefruit, peas, skim milk, kidney beans and lentils.

a Glycemic index diet :

  • + Focus on breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran
  • + Choose breads with whole grains, stone-ground flour or sourdough.
  • + Eat fewer potatoes.
  • + Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • + Avoid oversized portions of rice, pasta and noodles

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One of my first recommendations when I meet for the first time my patients is to drink warm water and add a half a squeezed lemon .But why? This habit usually changes a lot, it has much more lasting effect than we can think….


Lemon Water benefits

  • Help with weight loss : They have pectin fiber which can help fill you up.
  • Improve Skin : Antioxidants and vitamin C in lemon help you to have Glowing Skin. Especially recommended in cases of acne.
  • Help with detoxing : The lemon water stimulates your liver to help with detoxing, and helps the digestive tract expel toxins.

What to do

All you have to do every morning is take a glass of warm water, squeeze the juice of half of a lemon into it, and drink it right when you wake up. Repeat this every morning.
Lemon squeezer

ingredients and Recipe

<li>I gently warm the water on the stove, until it looks about like this with a few little bubbles. You definently don't less water boil.</li>


  • Then just pour the warm water into a glass and add the lemon juice.
  • add-lemon

    One of my favorite things about this tip is that it is so easy…no fancy technique or way of doing it,no fancy shower filters to buy,just drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half of a lemon every morning when you wake up.Try It !

    No matter what, just remember: 😀 😀

      everyone has bad days
      pick yourself up and

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    Diet and Exercises

    Diet and Exercises

     diet and exercises
    It’s always easier to reach fitness and health goals when you have someone on your side.While it may be your ambition to improve yourself, having a support and motivating factor.

    A Healthy diet provides your body with plenty of nutrients and protein, and limits sugar, fat, and cholesterol,is highly desirable to boost your diet with exercise. Here are some tips to lose weight effectively and permanently.

    Diet and Exercises : Slimming and walk

    1.Start with 20 minutes the first week. Increases ten minutes every week until you get to an hour each day.

    2 .start each session by 5 minutes of stretching and walking very slowly 5 minutes. At the end returns to do 5 minutes of stretching muscles.

    3. you should do it every day (resting one a week). Consistency is essential to get results.Create a habit.You have to go for a walk(three times a week at least).

    4.Walk right, without arching your back. Watch and learn how to make a good breath.

    Diet and Exercises: Exercice At Home

    1.use tools to maximize your results, we recommend to you to use HIP HOP ABS to get real results.

    2.Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your hips (almost like you’re sitting in a chair). As you bend your knees, your thighs will be parallel with the floor,Ensure your knees don’t go beyond your toes and keep your chest up and look straight ahead. Stand back up to start position and repeat

    3.Balance on your right foot with your left foot behind you. Lean forward, keeping a straight body position and lift your left heel towards the ceiling

    4.Aerobic activity:Being active is an important part of any weight-loss or weight-maintenance program. When you’re active, your body uses more energy (calories).And when you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.

    5.To start, get into a semi-squat position and leap sideways to land on your right foot.
    Immediately push off in the opposite direction and land on your left foot. Make sure you perform these skaters continuously.

    Diet and exercises activities : Calories burned in 1 hour

    Physical activity, including exercise, has a stronger effect in preventing weight gain and maintaining weight loss.

    • 1.Aerobics, high impact.
    • 2.Aerobics, water.
    • 3.Backpacking.
    • 4.Basketball game.
    • 5.Bicycling.
    • 6.Bowling§.
    • 7.Dancing, ballroom.
    • 8.Football, touch or flag.
    • 9.Golfing, carrying clubs.
    • 10.Ice skating.

    Latest juicing recipes:

    + Weight-loss-tips.
    + Dukan diet tips.
    + reboot your relationship with foods .

    Best weight loss tricks:

    + Best juicing recipes for diet.
    + Apple for weight loss .

    …Don’t Forget To Leave Your Impression!


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    hip for health

    Enjoy these easy-to-use tools to maximize your results.


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    Juice Diets For A Healthy You

    Nowadays, you may have noticed your friends, relatives or colleagues consuming juices during the course of the day. Some may or may not consume anything else during mealtimes either for lunch or dinner. Being on juice diets or drinking raw fruit or vegetable juices is catching up these days thanks to the information being spread by health awareness programs of various organizations. And whoever is on juicing diets has a variety of reasons to state. The reasons could be religious, to achieve weight loss, to increase weight or even as treatment for specific ailments, or just simple periodic body cleansing. Special programs are being offered by health and lifestyle advisers to help people choose the right juicing diet recipes for themselves.


    Where only raw juice is used to treat an ailment, it is also known as Juice fasting, which has proven to be very effective in rejuvenating the body and restoring overall health of a person. Many people may be on juice fasts from a few days to several weeks. When on only juice diet, the elimination and cleansing ability of the lungs, kidneys, and skin is increased. As a result, the metabolic wastes and toxins are quickly flushed out of the system. Juice therapy also gives a break to the digestive system. A diet specifically of raw fruits and vegetables is loaded with vitamins and minerals and helps in effective cleansing and tissue regeneration. It is noticed that after completing a juice diet, the digestion of a person is greatly improved.


    Health advisers usually suggest drinking alkaline juices as it would help in maintaining the acid-base balance in the body and provide relief from the hyperacidity, which is a precursor to many health problems. Alkaline Juices also accelerate the elimination of uric acid and other inorganic acids which are usually a result of faulty metabolism.


    Some juices are loaded with medicinal properties as the fruits from which the juice is extracted has certain beneficial hormones, vitamins and antibiotics. For example, cucumber and onion juices have certain substances that improve the insulin production by pancreas and lemon juice has a high amount of vitamin C that helps in curing colds. Juices containing spinach and other greens are known to contain iron that helps in treating anemic patients and improving hemoglobin. Juices of garlic, radish, ginger, turmeric and tomatoes contain antibiotic and antihelminthic properties.


    Though there are a lot of advantages of juice diets you must take precautions before adopting them. Ensure that you only use fresh juice and not canned, and preferably use organically grown fruits and vegetables. Also, consume juices immediately after extraction as juices on standing get oxidized and sometimes acidic, which could be harmful. It is advisable to use juice from a single fruit or vegetable.

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    Fast juice diet

    Fast juice diet plan

    fast juice diet plan
    When it comes to living a long and healthy life. There are two necessary ingredients: Fruits and vegetables. While some believe that they are one thing all together.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. It is quite possible to have a perfectly healthy diet with fresh juice diet recipes.
    Do you want to lose weight quickly? Do you look for a fast juice diet plan? So here’s your chance.
    Fruits and vegetables juices allow deep cleansing of toxins from the body. These freshly prepared juices can stimulate the immune system. Fresh drink does not require digestive energy. It also helps the digestive organs of the body, primarily the liver, to relax for a while. Fruit juices are a concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals. All of these together can help to drive away unwanted waste from our bodie, thus improving health conditions. – Read also Dukan diet method

    Fast juice diet benefits

    These diets are not only good cleaning tips. But they are great tools for weight loss as well. While you are cleaning your body, you can also lose weight and get fit again. Fast juice diet is a type of detox diet that involves a short-term consumption of raw vegetables, fruit juices and water. It is considered a healthy juicing diet plan because juice is an excellent source of vitamins. Juice diet have their side effects. The most common include headache, fatigue, hypoglycemia, constipation, acne and bad breath. Others include extreme dizziness, hypotension and diarrhea can cause dehydration and loss of electrolytes.

    Fast juice diet ingredients

    The common ingredients for juice diet include juicing recipes, celery, carrots, lemon, kale, apple, pineapple, beets and cranberries and about 6 cups of warm water. Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are recommended. Some plans allow the establishment of one meal a day while others are completely limited to the juice.

    Fast juice diet menus

    Menu 1 : Lemon juice diet
    It is not quite a diet but a detox treatment, or a detoxification diet. Lemon diet is a natural cleanser. It allows to purify (to detoxify) the body while taking a break from solid food. This detox treatment was invented by naturopath Stanley Burroughs there over 30 years. It is developed mainly in Switzerland at the beginning. Lemon detox diet cleanse the body (hence the other name of cure detox). Although, the palm syrup and maple syrup (rich in essential minerals) have important functions to help this process. Lemon provides the necessary nutrients to the continued functioning of the body and accelerates cell regeneration.

    Menu 2 : Apple diet
    “Apple diet” or “three apples a day diet” was born from a simple suggestion. Tammi Flynn, American nutritionist, could not lose weight of one of his patients. “Basically I just advised when eating an apple before each meal to increase fiber intake.” And then a miracle! The patient has lost 2.3 pounds in a week.” Later, I combined this idea with a balanced meal plane.” Apple diet is an excellent slimming ally. It has many slimming assets. Its fiber and pectin swell in the stomach to give a feeling of satiety. In addition, the pectin can reduce the absorption of fats and sugars during digestion.

    Latest juicing recipes:

    + Carrot juicing menu.
    + Best smoothie juice.
    + lemonade instructions.

    Best weight loss tricks:

    + 1 week diet menu.
    + 3 days for weight loss.

    …Don’t Forget To Leave Your Impression!

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    How juicing is beneficial

    We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but unfortunately whether through preference or just being too busy to make time for your 5 a day, people are missing out on all the nutrients they can provide. Juicing is nothing new, however it has raised in popularity over the past few years and with many products available on the market to make it faster than ever it’s easier than it has ever been to get tasty nutrition fast!

    Diet Juice

    Many of us have been brought up in a generation where juice comes from a carton you buy from the store, however with all the processing and additives much of the original nutrition is lost. Being able to juice at home means that you can benefit from all the nutrients and know exactly what you are putting into your body. Fruit and vegetables can be juiced and combined in so many ways you will never get bored and you can be sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

    You can get lots of juicing recipes online at JuicingDiet.Recipes where you can find out how to blend the most delicious fruits for you, your friends and your family. Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, more fibre for better digestion and bowel cancer prevention or just a tasty way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake you will find a whole host of recipes to keep your interest.

    In today’s busy modern world it’s easy to forget about nutrition an instead head for convenience foods instead, but these unfortunately are high in cane sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat. As a result obesity levels worldwide are on the rise. Cancer and diabetes are also rising due to many factors including the increased use of convenience foods. No matter how much time you have in the morning, afternoon or evening juicing takes just a few minutes and getting nutrition this way can be even faster than pinging a microwave snack or meal.

    No one likes getting sick but one of the main ways that the body is able to fight and protect against coughs and colds is through immune system boosting nutrition. Juicing is a more efficient way of getting the nutrients into your body without having to arduously make your way through 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Even without a big appetite it’s easy to drink delicious juice tailored to your own tastes using juicing diet recopies to give you inspiration. As soon as you juice or peel fruit it begins to lose nutrients, which is why juicing is the better way to get your nutrition over processed. Many of the shop bought juices are made from concentrate which means that they have had their water taken away, and then added at a later date. During this process many vital nutrients are lost so your bid to improve your health can be thwarted. For a longer shelf life many are also packed with additives and also sugars to make them more palatable.

    If you, as many others have gotten into the habit of grabbing a quick snack during your lunch break or skipping breakfast because you just don’t have the time this could be the reason why you are gaining weight or unable to lose it. After sleeping for 8 hours, the body craves nutrition and if you skip breakfast it looks for a fast way to get the energy it needs. This can cause you to head for the sugary fat ladened snacks come lunchtime. Using the juicing diet recipes to create a different juice each day can be fast and keep breakfast interesting. Fruit and vegetables give you slow release energy that will help you to say no to the biscuit barrel or convenience store on the way to work/school.

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