There is no doubt that different foods and beverages have a large income in the formation of human health, and the quality of these foods and the method of manufacture is very important, and people must know the ingredients that were added to these foods, and if the new ingredients will change the usefulness of these foods, And when the person knows that there is significant damage that can be caused by eating some foods, become confused and anxious about the difficulty of choosing the appropriate food, after he knew many of the problems caused by some of them, and what is the solution, and how to get out of doubt about all the food around us. Many questions revolve around people’s minds, and we will try to answer them as much as possible.
The food we will deal with is the various juices, whether sold in the market or made by mothers at home. There are many different types of fruit juices in the market, and these products compete among themselves to spread in the markets and achieve the greatest consumption possible among people. Adults and kids accept to buy these kinds of juices because they are tasty and cheap, but many studies warned of excessive consumption of these juices, and revealed that some of these products may be poorly manufacturing and does not take into account the health specifications in the composition of ingredients, and some countries use a lot of industrial materials in the production. These juices and some of these substances are unsafe and cause cancers, one of the banned substances are used worldwide.
Studies show that these juices are added to different types of delicious flavors and attractive, and considered by many people a safe drink and better than the soft water, and others rely on food outside home, and carry many of them in cars as a source of energy, and believe that these juices contain a kind of nutrients high nutritional value, and that the treatment has no harm to public health, and this belief was blown by some recent studies and proved that there is significant damage to excessive consumption of these drinks, and some factories resort to declaring that the product is 100% natural, but this is unrealistic and untrue. In addition, these products need to be sterilized by heating using high temperatures, resulting in extensive damage to existing enzymes Juice and lose a large part of its importance and value.
Studies suggest that eating fruit naturally helps digestion, because it contains fibers that improve the function of the colon, and make it perform its functions in the absorption of food, and also get rid of the amounts of toxins entering the body, but the transformation of fruit in the form of juice, make it lost these fibers with the addition of some amounts of sugars, and in natural juices they add some preservatives and some industrial flavors, and these substances can hurt the health of individuals. Some research adds that many of the products of juices may contain ascorbic acid which is known for its ability to form kidney stones, most of these added to some chemicals, to achieve some of these purposes. These chemical elements undoubtedly have a negative effect on the nutritional components of juice and lose a lot of them. Some of them enter the body and accumulate in the long term, causing damage to the body, and there are factories that do not hesitate to add a lot of these chemicals on the types of natural juices ready-made variety, potassium and acesulfame and phosphate Calcium, benzoic acid, nitrate, and sodium benzoate. After mixing the natural juices with chemicals, this mixture is exposed to high temperatures and harmful reactions occur. This product is stored for a period of time. This period can destroy any residual nutritional value. Some studies warn of eating a lot of ready-made canned juices, because they contain some colors and industrial dyes, as well as flavors, whether these products of juices are made in the countries or are imported and carry a trademark, and that these natural juices are ready to contain in their composition minerals or any type of essential vitamins. However, taking them in the form we see among some people causes them many serious diseases, including diseases of blood vessels, heart problems, etc … It has also been noted that diseases such as diabetes have begun to spread among children and young people these days, due to excessive unhealthy eating habits and bad body and organs, such as excessive intake of juices and food drinks and fast food , and that most children eat large quantities of these juices, causing them some type of persistent diarrhea and may be chronic with some abdominal bloating accompanied by the pain and the release of many gases, because of the disorders caused by these juices in the digestive system of the child, where the small child’s intestines cannot absorb the quantity The high carbohydrate intake of the juice.