Cucumber is one of the healthiest food in nature, it contains magnesium, vitamin k and c, iron, silica, b-6, folate, in and calcium, it can improve your health and make you shine. Many celebrities including Liv Tyler says that secret behind their awesome skin is cucumber juice. Need more reason? Okay, keep on reading because we’re about to mention the amazing benefits of cucumber juice!
Helps in weight loss: Cucumber is low in calories and rich in antioxidants which is the perfect formula for boosting metabolism which results in weight loss.

Hydration: Did you know that cucumber is made of 95% water?! That’s right, this is why cucumber benefits in boosting your body’s hydration and clean it from toxins, and in addition, cucumber also contains caffeic and ascorbic acids which prohibit water retention.
Ease constipation: Cucumber can be very useful in chronic constipation because it can be considered as a natural laxative
Increases immunity: Cucumber is rich with hormones, minerals, and compounds which protects your body from diseases, its antioxidant property also protects you from Viral and other seasonal infections.
Blood pressure regulation: Magnesium can be very helpful in preventing high and low blood pressure which will encourage your body to function properly.

Raises energy levels: The main reason behind low energy levels, fatigue, poor constipation, and irritability is vitamin B deficiency, so drinking cucumber juice will fill your body with B Vitamins and you’ll start feeling more alive and energetic.
Make you sleep better: Cucumber can improve your sleep by reducing stress and anxiety alongside with calming your nerves due to its high magnesium levels.

Enhance your skin: Due to its high antioxidant levels, cucumber can be very helpful in reducing puffiness, blemishes, and redness. It also contains a good amount of silica (the beauty mineral) alongside with other minerals and vitamins which can improve and rejuvenate your skin
Good for eyesight: Studies have shown that cucumber can be a very powerful natural way to improve and treat eyesight by eliminating free radicals that cause oxidative stress and cause damage in vision.

Treats bleeding problems: Vitamin K deficiency can be the cause of many health issues such as nose bleeding, hemorrhoids and heavy menstruation. Cucumber contains a good amount of vitamin K which can benefit in healing damaged tissues by triggering coagulation in the body.
Protect against Osteoporosis: Since cucumber contains high levels of magnesium, potassium, and copper, it can be very beneficial in protecting against bone disorders such as osteoporosis, in addition, drinking cucumber juice will increase the mineral destiny in the bones, hence, prevent many age-related bone disorders.

Protect against cancer: Studies have shown that cucumber contains some active ingredients which have powerful anti-cancer effects, drinking cucumber juice can prevent cancer and it can also be very effective as a treatment to slow its spread

Body detoxification: The best way to make sure that your body will remain hydrated all day long is drinking Cucumber juice, it contains very high levels of water content which is great for hydration.
Treat hormone imbalance: Calcium is very important to keep your bones healthy, but you have to be aware that having normal calcium levels in your blood is essential for your hormonal balance. A glass of cucumber juice that contains high levels of calcium will keep your hormone levels normal and protect your thyroid and pituitary gland.

Improves nervous system functioning: Calcium is not only beneficial for bones health and hormone balance, it plays a major role in optimizing your physical activities and improving the communication between the muscles and the nervous system. So the best way to keep your nervous system healthy and strong is adding cucumber juice to your diet.
Treats hair problems: If you’re wishing for a shiny strong hair, then cucumber juice is perfect for you, it contains many sulfuric compounds such as Vitamin C, vitamin K, alongside with antioxidant property which can promote hair growth, fight inflammation and deliver nutrient to your hair follicle in order to ameliorate the strength and shine of your hair.
How to make cucumber juice?
Making cucumber juice is quite easy, all that you need is (cucumber – water- lemon or lime).
1-Remove the skin of the cucumber and slice it
2-Add cucumber slices to your blender and blends it for 2 minutes
3-Use a cheesecloth to filter the juice out from the blended cucumber (press it to squeeze as much juice as you can)
4-Add water + Lemon for a better taste
5- Refrigerate the tasty cucumber juice
6- Enjoy