Nothing makes my mouth water like smoothies. The creamy juiciness that drips from afar, the richness of taste that you can smell in the air and the sheer sweetness that is a treat to my sweet tooth – these are just a few excuses to experiment with a smoothie and savor the loveliness on a sunny morning.

The only thing that comes in way is the fear of the satanic fat, for the amount of sugar someone like me plows into every glass would give a nutritionist sweaty palms! But did you know that there are some recipes that don’t just cut on the fat intake but actually aim to reduce fat? Yup, they do exist and here we are going to share such smoothies recipes.

The Spinach Smoothie

The very first smoothie recipe on the list is the Spinach Smoothie. As you would’ve guessed, it features the Popeye’s favorite eatable: spinach. It’s a very powerful vegetable since a glass of it will give you a large portion of the Vitamin A that your body needs a day, as well as a large dose of Manganese, potassium and Vitamin C. It also contains a couple of very healthy ingredients too.


    • Spinach leaves, two cups
    • One peeled and chopped ripe pear
    • A handful of grapes
    • A bowl of Greek yogurt, preferably fat free
    • Chopped Avocado, two tablespoons
      A dash of lime juice

Pour all the given ingredients in a food processor and continue to blend until you get the desired texture.

Banana Smoothie Breakfast

The second smoothies recipes here has an ingredient often ignored by those looking to lose weight: protein. This neglect is a bad omen since protein is the key to repairing and building body tissues. If your body lacks it then you shall find it harder to keep up with your exercise routines since your muscles simply would not have gotten back to shape after a previous workout. Also, this smoothie recipe has just four constituents, saving your processing time.

There is one even better reason to include protein in your morning breakfast: the muscles that your body builds with this wonder keep burning energy all the time. So that boosts up your metabolism, hastening the reduction in your waist. So, dear reader, here is the smoothie recipe that you need:


    • Tofu, half a cup
    • Vanilla Soy milk, one cup
    • One banana, frozen
    A teaspoon of peanut butte

Pour all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth

Citrus Smoothie

The weight watchers know how important the pace of one’s metabolism can be in determining the amount of sweat they have to put in to maintaining that thin waist line. But what is we gave you a smoothies recipes that speeds up your metabolism?

Now that would make for a wonderful breakfast; one that would leave you feeling full and happy. No better way to start your day, we say. Make this a part of your routine and watch your workout work wonders for you.


    • 1/2 cup orange juice
    • 1/2 cup grapefruit juice
    • 4 or 5 frozen strawberries
    2 ice cubes

Combine all of the ingredients in your blender,Pulse until smooth.

That’s it and enjoy 😀