Eating fruit is strongly recommended by doctors and dietitians, but eating fruit in the form of processed juices makes it lose many, many benefits. The body needs to drink plenty of fluids, especially in the hot summers. Many people buy processed juices in the belief that they give them the nutritional value of the fruits they contain. However, this information is totally wrong because the processed juices contain a lot of harmful substances especially for children, and they are far from natural juices and cannot be compared to them. What are the health risks of eating processed juices? What is the difference between them and natural elements? This is what we will learn in our article below.
Types of Manufactured Juices: There are three types of juices manufactured in the commercial markets, as follows:
Natural juice: This type of less processed juices damage to contain only a medium percentage of sugar preservatives and the rest of the amount of fruit.
Nectar juice: This type is more harmful than its predecessor, as it contains 25% of the fruit Nectar, while contains 50% of preservatives and 25% of sugar.
Juices are the most dangerous and most harmful to humans, as it contains only 10% of the natural fruit while containing at least 90% of the preservatives and sugar.
Causes of dangerous juice manufactured on health:

1- Factories :

Many believe that large factories with a global name or place in the commercial markets are safe and clean enough to produce juices, and we believe that they use sterile and clean materials in the manufacturing process, but if we visit the field within these factories we will find what we are not pleased, especially that these factories may use fruits to get their juice in the worst ways to save money and also use some chemicals to be able to extract as much juice as possible, this may enter the pesticides used on fruit trees in the juices when they are squeezed through the crusts as they are transmitted of course to the human body when it deals with this juice saturated with chemical pesticides. And most factories add some substance that causes sensitivity to humans, especially those suffering from allergies of soy protein and dissolved pectin, which are added to the juices manufactured to be the process of homogenization between liquids and solids.

2- Harmful bacteria:

Although most types of processed juices are subjected to pasteurization and sterilization, there is a lot of bacteria and heat resistant mold treated in these juices, especially mango juice, orange juice and tomato juice. In addition, the process of pasteurization or heat treatment to sterilize the juices loses fruit many enzymes and vitamins have been so rich and beneficial that humans do not benefit. Quite the contrary, they take harmful bacteria.

3- Industrial sweeteners :

All of us know that natural fruits do not give us sugars or sweet taste that we find in processed juices, and this is because manufacturers add some sweeteners to the juice to be acceptable to the consumer and its taste granular, these artificial sweeteners increase the level of sugar in the blood And thus may cause diseases and obesity and increase the risk to diabetics, in addition to the local industrial materials cause allergies and seriously harm patients with allergies.

4-Risk of juices manufactured on children:

A study by researchers at the University of Liverpool and the Queen Mary College in the UK on the sugar content of processed juices. The researchers announced that every 100 mg of processed juice contains at least 8 grams of sugar, in addition to containing more than 117 juice.The researchers found that about 64% of the famous brands contain at least 16 g of sugar for about 42% of the juices for children. Therefore, the researchers cautioned against avoiding children to make processed juices, providing them with fresh, unsweetened natural juices, and instead of eating fruits instead of juices to avoid exposure to obesity and diabetes.
The researchers and nutritionists also have agreed that natural juices made from the fresh fruit have great benefit to humans if eaten properly without adding any flavorings, colors or sugars. Natural juices supply the body with the necessary minerals, vitamins and enzymes, Digestion and rapid absorption of body cells of those vitamins and minerals. The natural colors of the fruit contained in fresh natural juice have health benefits for the heart and skin and contain antioxidants resistant to various types of cancer. A drink of fresh juice a day provides the body with energy and calories. For example, fresh orange juice contains a large amount of vitamin C and B and contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, and fresh apple juice contains vitamin A and B and C. In addition to calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, fresh grapefruit juice contains copper, iodine and iron.
Finally, we focused on the health risks of eating juices made for adults and young people. We also looked at the benefits of fresh natural juices, so that the comparison between them is clear, to prove through studies and research by experts that natural juices are the best for our health and for our children and to stay away from the juices manufactured as much as possible so as not to cause us health risks we are indispensable.