To be and stay healthy you must eat fruits and vegetables, only to preserve the quality of the nutrients they contain and assimilate them properly, the most cost effective way is to consume fruit and vegetables juices, healthy and natural, this is a great way to revitalize and regenerate your body.

In this sense! vegetables and fruits juices therapy can theoretically be as effective as drugs. It is therefore important to know and learn to practice: it is not very complicated, just get ready to start and buy a juicer. The effectiveness of juice is undeniable.

Juicing your way to health!

Juicing is very useful in case of diet. The famous weekly one day diet, highly recommended by nutrition researchers. Interest vegetable juice lies firstly in the fact that use of raw vegetables, which thus retain all their nutrients and intake of vitamins, trace elements and enzymes is optimized.

The Truth about juicing: Marie-Josee Campagna!

In May 2010, Marie-Josee Campagna learns that she is suffering from breast cancer. But not just any kind of cancer! it is triple negative grade 3! This is the most deadly, and it had spread to the lymph nodes… Marie was then 43 years and 4 children. Doctors offered her the usual treatment.

She said yes to the surgery, but no to the chemotherapy. “It was a very aggressive chemotherapy. I inquired, and I saw that it only increased the chances of healing by 10%. My smallest daughter was 6 years old, she could not come near me, I would lose my hair in 10 days, and I had a one in three chance of dying, “she recalls.

But he had to do something. She discovers the method developed by doctor German Max Gerson! it is a fruits and organic vegetables cure. “The idea is to bring the body’s pH above 7.

This is scientifically impossible that cancer cells thrive in these conditions, explain Marie-Josée Campagna. “The harder it was to make that choice. I lost 20 pounds the time to take my decision…”!

Difficult beginnings!

Marie-Josée Campagna went to Tijuana, Mexico. She began her therapy August 26, 2010. Stay cost him $ 10,000 for two weeks. “But as soon as I arrived I knew I was going to live,” she says.

It was hard for her to accept this food discipline. “After three days of eating only fruits and vegetables, I started to shake, she recounts. I felt weak. It is a cure, not a diet. The purge period is difficult, like weaning addicts. But it’s as if my body had finally regulate itself.”

The Truth about Juicing: People have a choice:

She maintains this discipline for 18 months. I must say it feels the benefits. The energy is there. She never gets sick not even a cold or gastroenteritis. “I do not even have PMS, my husband was happy!” Exclaims the osteopath, who did not even have to stop working.

It controls its pH every month and efforts are eventually rewarded. “In November 2012 I redid tests with my surgeon. There was no trace of cancer,” she says. It was not until 2015 before being certain that the disease is conquered, but one thing is sure: Marie-Josée Campagna is now radiant health.

She now wants to share her experience. It will be one of the characters of the documentary freelance journalist Sarah Mabrouk, The Food Cure film. “I do not want to blame those who have made ​​other choices, she says. But in a case like mine, where chemotherapy does not really help, I just want people to know they have a choice!”