Soup diet recipes

Soup diet recipes are suitable for people who do not practice a lot of sport. They allow you to lose 5 pounds in a week! which will help you just like juice diet recipes in your short-term weight loss goals. The soup diet is the fad diet!
Soup diet, called “fat-burning” is based on the absorption of a low calorie soup with main meals. It is adressed like weight loss juicing recipes for anyone who wants to lose weight and purify his body. A short-term eating plan based on soups may help people who are overweight to kick-start their weight loss.

Soup diet recipes secrets

Soup is the ultimate comfort food, especially during the winter months. But it can also be great at helping jump start your post-holiday diet. Soup diet recipes are – as juice diet recipes – simple enough! they involve eating a bowl of unmixed (for a satiating effect) vegetables soup with main meals.

“We choose vegetables like cabbage, zucchini, peppers, but carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and turnips are avoided because they are too sweet,” said Dr. Marie-Antoinette Sejean, nutritionist.
Soup diet recipes can of course help you lose weight like juice diet recipes, but weight regain is inevitable, even after following the stabilization phase.

Soup diet benefits

+ Weight loss is very fast because you can lose 5 pounds in 7 days.
+ Virtues of soup detox help cleanse your body.

Soup diet disadvantages

– Soup diet must be accompanied by supplements of vitamins and minerals to avoid risk of failure.
– It obviously causes great food monotony.

Best Soup diet recipes

Soup diet recipes can be seduced by their organized and rigorous side (menus are charged for each meal). But they are different from juice dieting plans (less than 1000 kcal per day during the first week, only 1200 kcal during the stabilization period). Soup is satisfying when you are on a diet, especially during cooler months. Even better, soups can help you like juice diet recipes meet your diet goals.

First Menu

+ 4 parts of garlic.
+ 6 onions.
+ 1 or 2 cans of peeled tomatoes.
+ 1 head of cabbage.
+ 3 liters of water.
+ 2 peppers.
+ 5 carrots.
+ 1 celery.
+ 1 sprig of parsley.
+ Sesalt, pepper, curry, etc..
+ Cut vegetables into small to medium pieces and cover them with water.
+ Boil for 10 minutes.
+ Simmer until vegetables are cooked (depending on your taste).
+ Place them in a blender.

Second Menu

+ 3 tomatoes.
+ 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes.
+ 2 cans of liquid stock (beef, chicken or vegetable).
+ 2 cups of water.
+ 1 packet of vegetable or French onion dry soup powder.
+ 1 bunch spring onions.
+ 1 bunch of celery, including leaves.
+ 2 cups of green beans.
+ 3 green capsicums.
+ 1kg carrots.
+ 2 stock cubes (chicken, beef or vegie).
+ Chop all the vegies into small pieces and put them in a big pot with the remaining ingredients.
+ Add salt and pepper (not too much salt).
+ Boil rapidly for two minutes and simmer until it is nice and tender.
+ If you want it thinner add a bit more water.
+ Have as much of the soup as you want, whenever you want.

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