1 week diet

1 week diet

You have decided to lose a few pounds ? try our collection of juice diet recipes, but I think that 1 week diet plan could help you! Easy to implement, follow to the letter the proposed meals and especially hold good! This kind of diet plan does not involve starving yourself. Remember you are losing weight to look good not to look like food deprived sick person.
Losing weight can be very healthy, but a diet that aims to lose many kilos in a short time may be more dangerous than some overweight.

1 week diet! how it could help you

Here, we will give you some new ideas of healthy weight loss and interesting juice diet recipes that will help you keep your “ideal weight”. 1 week diet is designed for a target weight loss of 5-6 Kgs per week. It will also improve your attitude and emotions because of its systematic cleansing effects. The effectiveness of this seven days plan is that the foods eaten burn more calories than they give to the body in caloric value.
One week is all it takes to cleanse your body, recharge your batteries and drop unwanted pounds!
1 week diet plan will not only help you lose 10-15 pounds in just 7 days, but also there will be some clear positive effects on your skin and digestive system.

1 week diet steps

The advantage of this system is that it contains a large amount of fresh vegetables. It is based on juice diet recipes. During the week while you are dieting , you will not have the right to alcohol, sugary drinks should be replaced by mineral water. Well, the main food is rice, which will provide your body with essential nutrients that you need.

First day

+ Breakfast: 150 g fresh cabbage, mineral water .
+ Lunch: 4 tablespoons of cooked rice , 150 g of fresh grated carrot salad , seasoned with olive oil, water .
+ Dinner: 150 g of fish , a small slice of bread, more lettuce.

Second day

+ Breakfast: a bowl of rice with milk , 1 cup of apple juice.
+ Lunch: 200 g of fish , salad, apples, pears, oranges, peaches or 1 cup of orange juice .
+ Dinner: 200 grams of lean steak . A small piece of bread. 4 leaves chopped salad dressed with lemon juice. An orange.

Third day

+ Breakfast: 200 grams of salad of apples, pears , oranges, bananas. 1 cup orange juice.
+ Lunch: 250 g of beans, 150 grams of cabbage salad , seasoned with lemon juice. A small slice of bread.
+ Dinner: 250 g of fried mushrooms , 1 small potato .

Fourth day

+ Breakfast: 1 cup of apple juice . 1 apple, 1 orange .
+ Dinner: 200 g cauliflower with rice. 1 large apple . A small slice of bread.
+ Dinner: 2 boiled potatoes , 200 g of fish. A small piece of bread.

Fifth day

+ Breakfast: a small plate of rice with milk.
+ Lunch: 200 g of shredded cabbage salad and seaweed. A small piece of bread. mineral water.
+ Dinner: 200 g fresh cabbage salad , carrots, green salad , seasoned with vegetable oil. 1 cake made of rice flour. water .

Sixth Day

+ Breakfast: 150 grams of fresh chopped carrots , filled with vegetable oil, 1 slice of bread wheat flour. mineral water .
+ Dinner: 200 g of salad with fresh vegetables ( cabbage, carrots, lettuce , celery) . A small piece of bread. 1 cup apple juice.
+ Dinner: 100 grams of cooked rice, lettuce leaves . Half a grapefruit.

Seventh day

+ Breakfast: 250 grams of fruit salad with apples , plums , apricots. 1 glass of mineral water .
+ Dinner: 150 g of rice with pieces of fruit and 1 tablespoon honey.
+ Dinner: 150 g of fish , 200 g of seaweed salad . A slice of bread.

week diet