Nowadays, you may have noticed your friends, relatives or colleagues consuming juices during the course of the day. Some may or may not consume anything else during mealtimes either for lunch or dinner. Being on juice diets or drinking raw fruit or vegetable juices is catching up these days thanks to the information being spread by health awareness programs of various organizations. And whoever is on juicing diets has a variety of reasons to state. The reasons could be religious, to achieve weight loss, to increase weight or even as treatment for specific ailments, or just simple periodic body cleansing. Special programs are being offered by health and lifestyle advisers to help people choose the right juicing diet recipes for themselves.

Where only raw juice is used to treat an ailment, it is also known as Juice fasting, which has proven to be very effective in rejuvenating the body and restoring overall health of a person. Many people may be on juice fasts from a few days to several weeks. When on only juice diet, the elimination and cleansing ability of the lungs, kidneys, and skin is increased. As a result, the metabolic wastes and toxins are quickly flushed out of the system. Juice therapy also gives a break to the digestive system. A diet specifically of raw fruits and vegetables is loaded with vitamins and minerals and helps in effective cleansing and tissue regeneration. It is noticed that after completing a juice diet, the digestion of a person is greatly improved.

Health advisers usually suggest drinking alkaline juices as it would help in maintaining the acid-base balance in the body and provide relief from the hyperacidity, which is a precursor to many health problems. Alkaline Juices also accelerate the elimination of uric acid and other inorganic acids which are usually a result of faulty metabolism.

Some juices are loaded with medicinal properties as the fruits from which the juice is extracted has certain beneficial hormones, vitamins and antibiotics. For example, cucumber and onion juices have certain substances that improve the insulin production by pancreas and lemon juice has a high amount of vitamin C that helps in curing colds. Juices containing spinach and other greens are known to contain iron that helps in treating anemic patients and improving hemoglobin. Juices of garlic, radish, ginger, turmeric and tomatoes contain antibiotic and antihelminthic properties.

Though there are a lot of advantages of juice diets you must take precautions before adopting them. Ensure that you only use fresh juice and not canned, and preferably use organically grown fruits and vegetables. Also, consume juices immediately after extraction as juices on standing get oxidized and sometimes acidic, which could be harmful. It is advisable to use juice from a single fruit or vegetable.