We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but unfortunately whether through preference or just being too busy to make time for your 5 a day, people are missing out on all the nutrients they can provide. Juicing is nothing new, however it has raised in popularity over the past few years and with many products available on the market to make it faster than ever it’s easier than it has ever been to get tasty nutrition fast!

Many of us have been brought up in a generation where juice comes from a carton you buy from the store, however with all the processing and additives much of the original nutrition is lost. Being able to juice at home means that you can benefit from all the nutrients and know exactly what you are putting into your body. Fruit and vegetables can be juiced and combined in so many ways you will never get bored and you can be sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

You can get lots of juicing recipes online at JuicingDiet.Recipes where you can find out how to blend the most delicious fruits for you, your friends and your family. Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, more fibre for better digestion and bowel cancer prevention or just a tasty way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake you will find a whole host of recipes to keep your interest.

In today’s busy modern world it’s easy to forget about nutrition an instead head for convenience foods instead, but these unfortunately are high in cane sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat. As a result obesity levels worldwide are on the rise. Cancer and diabetes are also rising due to many factors including the increased use of convenience foods. No matter how much time you have in the morning, afternoon or evening juicing takes just a few minutes and getting nutrition this way can be even faster than pinging a microwave snack or meal.

No one likes getting sick but one of the main ways that the body is able to fight and protect against coughs and colds is through immune system boosting nutrition. Juicing is a more efficient way of getting the nutrients into your body without having to arduously make your way through 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Even without a big appetite it’s easy to drink delicious juice tailored to your own tastes using juicing diet recopies to give you inspiration. As soon as you juice or peel fruit it begins to lose nutrients, which is why juicing is the better way to get your nutrition over processed. Many of the shop bought juices are made from concentrate which means that they have had their water taken away, and then added at a later date. During this process many vital nutrients are lost so your bid to improve your health can be thwarted. For a longer shelf life many are also packed with additives and also sugars to make them more palatable.

If you, as many others have gotten into the habit of grabbing a quick snack during your lunch break or skipping breakfast because you just don’t have the time this could be the reason why you are gaining weight or unable to lose it. After sleeping for 8 hours, the body craves nutrition and if you skip breakfast it looks for a fast way to get the energy it needs. This can cause you to head for the sugary fat ladened snacks come lunchtime. Using the juicing diet recipes to create a different juice each day can be fast and keep breakfast interesting. Fruit and vegetables give you slow release energy that will help you to say no to the biscuit barrel or convenience store on the way to work/school.