If you want to boost your energy levels, improve your blood flow, enhance your skin and lower cholesterol levels, then beetroot juice is the right juice for you. Beetroot juice has been widely used as a liver-protective food, it contains many powerful nutrient, this is why many scientists refers to beets as a medicine, so this may be a good chance for you to know why you should add beetroot juice to your diet, let’s discuss some of the health benefits that this magical juice can offer:

1-Boosts energy levels:

Beetroot juice has the ability the recover and improve blood flow, no wonder that people feel much energetic after drinking a glass of fresh beetroot juice

2-Lowers blood pressure:

Beetroots has shown some amazing blood-pressure lowering ability, the best way to eat beetroots in order to make sure that you’re getting the all advantages is by juicing, especially if you want to lower your blood pressure. Cooking of fermenting the beets results in a decrease of the healthy nutrients that contributes in lowering blood pressure, however, by juicing, you’re getting 100% of phytonutrients, hence, you will get the maximum benefits that beets have to offer, please talk to your doctor if you’re taking any medicines

3- Enrich your body with vitamins and minerals:

Beets contains high amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamin c, vitamin b6, potassium, manganese and folate.

4-Improves liver function:

Beetroot juice contains methionine and glycine betaine that prevents fatty acids from buildup and also stimulates liver cells, thereby, the juice can be super effective for liver detoxification

5-Enhance your skin:

The worst enemy that can damage our skin are free radicals, there is many products in the market that we can use to protect our skin, however, if you’re looking for a natural way to protect your skin from the damage that free radicals can cause and keep it soft and flexible at the same time, then a glass of fresh beetroot juice is the solution, the juice contains high amounts of antioxidants alongside with lycopene that can protect your skin inside and out.

6-Improves blood sugar:

This amazing fruit contains soluble fibers that can help in lowering glucose in the blood which can be very beneficial for people suffering from blood sugar issues.

7- Improves sport performance:

Did you know that athletes drink beetroot juice regularly? Studies have shown that daily intake of beetroot juice (500ml/day) for 6 days reduces oxygen consumption and resting systolic blood pressure during running. In other words, fresh beetroot juice can boost exercise tolerance and stamina which leads to a better physical performance.

8-Good for weight loss:

This amazing juice can also help you in dropping some extra weight due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity, studies have shown that betalain pigments which can be found in beetroot juice prevent the development of obesity by treating oxidative stress and inflammation.

9- Enhances the heart muscle:

Systolic heart failure is a health condition where the heart fails to pump enough blood, researchers have shown that beetroot juice contains nitrates that can strengthen the heart muscle, therefore, pushing enough blood into circulation.

10- Decreases total cholesterol levels:

Drinking beetroot juice daily can be very beneficial for people suffering from cholesterol issues, studies found that consuming this magical juice daily showed a huge reduction in triglycerides and total cholesterol, moreover, high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol increased significantly, so make sure the drink beetroot juice daily in order to fight cholesterol.

11- Fights hair loss:

Hair loss is often linked to potassium deficiency, Beetroots are a good source of potassium, so it’s obvious that drinking beetroot juice prevents hair loss.

12- Prevents dementia:

Dementia can be described as the loss of cognitive functions, some of the symptoms are memory loss and faulty reasoning, when a person ages, the blood flow to the brain starts to decrease, studies have shown that increasing blood flow to the brain reduces the risk of developing dementia disorder and the best way to do so is by eating foods that are rich with nitrate, a good source of nitrous oxide is beetroot, regular consumption of beetroot juice improves the oxygen supply to the brain and enhance blood flow.
Beetroot juice can be easily made, but if you don’t like the earthy taste, feel free to add some mint, apples, and carrots for a better flavor.