Have heartburn?  Juice this for a quick, easy remedy.

Lemons for heartburn

If you
think I’m crazy for suggesting lemon juice for heartburn or acid
reflux, you’re not alone.  When I had first heard of this I also thought
it sounded crazy.  But when you look to science, you’ll see it makes
perfect sense.

If you’ve ever felt a burning sensation in your chest or throat, trouble
swallowing, nausea after eating or an undignified urge to burp, or even pain
when lying down or bending, you probably already know you’re one of the
millions of people who suffer from heartburn.

Also known as acid reflux or, if sufferers experience symptoms more than
twice a week, as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), it can have a detrimental
effect on your health, and happiness.

So what helps cause heartburn?

Most heartburn sufferers will experience symptoms after a large, overly
rich meal. Food that is highly acidic or irritates the stomach, such spicy and
high-fat foods are cause of heartburn, as well as chocolate, tomatoes and
tomato products, alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks, according to
Livestrong.com. Nutritionist Kelly Snyder also ranks constipation or poor
elimination, and excess belly fat as contributing factors.

The problem is the solution

When talking about acidic foods, citrus fruit such as
lemons is sometimes mentioned as trigger for heartburn. So why do we suggest
juicing lemons as a solution for heartburn? This comes down to a common
misconception about lemons.

The fact that lemons are acidic (pH is below 7), is incontrovertible.
However, inside the body,
things change. When lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are
dissociated in the bloodstream, it has an alkalizing effect and therefore
raises the pH of body tissue (pH above 7 is alkaline).  Dr. Mee Lain Ling,
a registered doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, urges us to note the
difference. Although they taste sour, lemons are thus alkaline forming – which
means they actually help neutralize acidity in your stomach.

So if you suffer from heartburn, juice lemons as part of
your regular juicing routine – I love adding fresh lemon juice to my green
juices, or squeezing it into a carrot and apple juice for some extra zing. And
if you need an instant heartburn fix, try squeezing a dash of lemon into a
glass of water and seeing if it improves your symptoms.

Dr. Ling also suggests using lemon juice to see how acidic
your body currently is. If you drink lemon juice in hot or warm water and it
tastes very sour, your body is very acidic. If it tastes like lemonade to you
(without the sugar) your body is in a healthier, more alkaline state! Depending
on your ratio of lemon juice to water, your body’s level of acidity and how
often you take lemon water, eventually your lemon-water shouldn’t taste sour at
all! Do try this at home and let me know how sour/acidic you are feeling or if
life just keeps giving you lemonade.

Benefits of lemons

Apart from helping you with acidity, lemons have been used for centuries to treat various sicknesses,
for stain removal, and even to clean the house. They help keep your skin clear
and radiant, assist in weight loss and even repel mosquitos.

Lemons reduce
blood pressure, detoxify the blood and organs, and reduce mucus build up in the
body. They’ve even been used in Chinese medicine to help reduce abnormal fluid
discharge (sweating, incontinence, bed wetting). If that’s not enough, lemons
are good for dental health, they reduce sweet, pastry and gluten cravings, help
with allergies and digestive disorders, chronic fatigue and diseases caused by
an acidic environment, and boost overall immunity.

provides vitamin C, A, pectin and fiber to the body, as well as minerals such
as like calcium, selenium and potassium. Lemon
juice is also a natural anti-inflammatory and helps muscles detoxify by
increasing glutathione levels (a powerful antioxidant) within the body. It also
helps cleanse the body of impurities that disrupt the functioning of kidneys
and intestinal organs, as these are directly or indirectly related to acid
reflux. So whether it’s in a juice or squeezed in a herbal tea or glass of
water, drink some lemon juice for heartburn every day for optimal health and let’s make
heartburn a thing of the past.

Lemon-Infused Heartburn Remedy Juice

This juice will not only help you to recover from heartburn but will help to alkalize the entire body.


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tbsp aloe juice


Cut the lemon in half.  Core and cut the apple.  Cut the cucumber into spears.  Juice the apple, lemons and cucumber together.  Add the aloe in and mix to combine.  Aloe helps soothe the stomach and calm heartburn as well.

Quick Lemon Water Recipe

If you don’t have time to juice, try squeezing one lemon in 1 glass of water.  Add aloe juice if you have it for an added benefit.  If you prefer some sweetness, add a drop or two of liquid stevia.

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